10 BEST GMAT Preparation Apps for Android

By | March 19, 2021

Your GMAT is coming up, you’re nervous? Don’t worry, this is all you need to know! It is a huge responsibility to accomplish a highlight of the exam that is so critical for graduate management programs. But there are ways to facilitate and comfortable the training.

The GRE is a standardizing exam for graduate school entrance, used for testing linguistic abilities, quantitative reasoning skills, critical thinking capabilities, and writing skills.

A structured examination used for entry into MBA programs is the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test). It is also a computer adaptive test. Sections provide the integrated, quantitative, oral, and logical evaluation of written logic. You may be thinking about the possibilities of taking any one of these exams, based on your plan after high school, which will entail a lot of planning.

Below is a list of apps that can be used as training supports on your smartphone, iPad, notebook, or any kind of technology.


The next app available is called Ready4GMAT, and it lets you study practical ways. The software covers both the arithmetic and the wording of the GMAT in the first place, so you will need no additional applications to get completely ready. Moreover, you will analyze your results in more than 2000 assessments and flashcards. All of the questionnaires come with complete information so that you can view the correct answer if you don’t get a subject correctly.

Besides, the app will track your academic success during its use. This detects both the storage and weaknesses and identifies the content you need to research to be completely resolved. In addition, the algorithms of the app adjust to your results but you will have to go through it again if you have any questions incorrect.Ready4-GMAT

The software also operates a special vocabulary training program, which allows you to study easily and efficiently. If there are difficult, tricky, or curious cards or test questions, you can bookmark them and then study them later.

2-Magoosh GMAT Prep & Practice

Let’s begin the Magoosh GMAT Prep and Practice application. This is an application that gives you useful video lectures to prepare you for your GMAT.

If you have ever wanted to prepare for an app test, you have likely met some in Magoosh. This developer specializes in applications for different examinations so that you can be confident that the standard is at the level. The app comprises over 300 video classes that allow you to learn material for almost 24 hours.

All the lessons are, however, given by trained tutors and professors. In some cases, there are also additional live-stream lectures. Both lessons are easy to understand and all the information you need is included. Plus, if you prefer to learn through text description, every video comes with a doc edition.Magoosh-GMAT-Prep- Practice

You will measure how well you have understood the topic until you’re finished with the app’s educational component. The app has more than 40 free and almost 800 pay-as-you-go questions. Also, the app feeds posts that get monthly updates — meaning you can have something new and useful to read at all times.


3-Manhattan Prep GMAT

Manhattan Prep GMAT is an application that provides you with a complex learning framework that protects you from overwhelming.

This software is aimed at maximizing the studies and achieving the best outcomes possible. This app contains more than 1000 questions, so you can be assured that every single subject is included. Moreover, all the questions are explained in-depth, so that all the information gaps can be filled.

The instant input from every challenge that you experience is another helpful feature this app has. All of the data regarding your abilities influence the next questions (those you are incorrect will still surface before you save the answer). In addition, you can check your personal information to see which things you may like to learn all about. The app also contains flashcards and quizzes in addition to the standard questions so that you won’t bore yourself with studying.Manhattan-Prep-GMAT

In addition, you can bookmark or only check your flashcards and questions before the test. Besides, all the questions included in this app have a similar examination so that you know exactly what is going to happen when your GMAT day comes.

4-GMAT Test Pro 2020

GMAT Test Pro 2020 prepares you for the GMAT by testing and supporting you all the way. This app concentrates on practice – it consists of some questions, flashcards, quizzes, and exams to help you explore all of the GMT subjects.

More than 3,000 question marks are composed by schoolmasters and tutors. You don’t get too easily sick with the variety of methods of research that aim to hold your academic accomplishments.

Both tests can also be accessed online as well as offline, which is very convenient. In addition, the app follows you through issues to highlight your strengths and weaknesses. In addition, the app sets up all the questions you have mistakenly answered before you do the correct thing again and again.GMAT-Test-2020

In addition, all the questions are answered in-depth in order to see the error. If anything is difficult for you to read, the app may provide a voice text. In addition, you can develop your lifestyle learning plan. So you get a message from the app when the study time comes.


5-Wiley Efficient Learning

Wiley Efficient Learning is a textbook preparation program that aims to help prepare you for your GMAT examination.

The best thing about this app is to learn and train. You can then go through seminars, see educational vacuums and then directly take tests and flashcards to learn how well you learned the content.

Both aspects of the software are therefore equally great: the vacuums come from competent instructors and the test bank is huge and geared towards GMAT. In addition, the software will sync between devices, so that the reading or test progress is not lost. The lectures and subjects can also be bookmarked for further use.Wiley-Efficient-Learning

You can conveniently save lectures on your device in case of difficulty connecting to the internet. The software uses intelligent algorithms that provide you with the tests and themes you have failed time and again before the error is removed. Moreover, the application records the average score and proposes lectures and topics to study.

6-GMAT Prep Course

GMAT Prep Course helps you get ready for the upcoming GMAT exam. It offers you a full training course that covers all of the GMAT topics, just as its name suggests! The app has several video classes, which usually run for over 20 hours.

All the videos are shown in depth and the audio is also accurate. In addition, the vids are high-quality and are eligible with some added costs. Furthermore, you can save vids directly to your laptop if you have an unreliable internet connection. As for the app, it is created and supplied by Brian Galvin, one of the developers of the Veritas Prep GMAT course.

You will say therefore that all the information you get from those videos is helpful in the examination.The smartphone course covers all topics you do, it is simply more portable. In particular, from simple arithmetic to literacy, there are more than 10 subjects.GMAT-Prep-Course

You cannot test your skills in this app as the only drawback. There are however many applications that just rely on questions and flashcards, so that isn’t much.

7-Bloomberg GMAT Prep

Bloomberg GMAT Prep is an app that’s there to help you do well.

This is a measure of the skills, apart from the previous app. The app uses adaptive technologies that respond to your responses and provides optimized information. In other words, the application tags which section you’re incorrect, and it’s all delivered to you before you get it right.

In addition, the app identifies the high and low points so that you can look at which subjects and trends to discuss before the test. For now, the program covers more than 5,000 so you won’t miss much and receives daily updates. All problems are also total answers that you will see. You should even bookmark any questions to come back to them later on. Of course, it sounds too fantastic to be real but the app has its secret — the subscription policy (we all know how it works) (we all know how it works). However, you will get a free trial week and see whether or not it is effective for you. In addition, there are several questionnaires not requiring a subscription.Bloomberg-GMAT-Prep

Any questions can also be bookmarked and returned later. Naturally, it sounds so sweet, but the app is tricky — the subscription policy (we all know how it works). However, you will get a free trial week and see whether or not it is effective for you. In addition, there are many questionnaires not requiring a subscription.


8-GMAT 2021 Prep

The GMAT 2021 Prep App is a service that will prepare you for examination, as you can see from its name. This app is also the ultimate in addition to the previous. The app includes video tutorials, exams, examination simulations, and even last year’s research applications. The app contains all sorts of questions including MCQs and mathematical tricks.


The lectures are all produced by professional tutors, the vids have high quality and a simple, steady tone. Moreover, with or without the Internet, you can access them. Normal, quizzes, occasional observations, and vocabulary cards are used to talk about the teats. Furthermore, if necessary you can pass the entire GMAT exam of the previous year.GMA-2021-prep-App-Aptitude-Verbal-Mock

Each card contains accurate solutions so that you can handle any errors. The app also tracks your statistics and shows the topics you need more information. You can also bookmark the topics for which you have problems to look at later.

9-GMAT Club Forum

Finally, the GMAT Club Forum is an application that provides you with insertions to a huge GMAT-oriented testing bank.

The app includes over 1000 GMAT tests to get you through all the topics you like. You may then prefer to pass the test either in normal mode or in the timer. Also, the app considers and the new developments so that relevant issues are not missed.

In addition, you can solve all problems so that all the errors can be found and worked on immediately. In addition, the app will follow your results to show your high and low points.GMAT-Club-Forum

The app, therefore, suggests the topics you need to learn more about. Furthermore, all your questions will be sent to you again and again until you get it right. In addition, the questions you would like to review can be bookmarked later.

10-IntelliVocab for GRE and GMAT

A free app created by MIT students helps monitor learning environments so that you don’t need to prepare yourself in advance. You simply need to communicate with the app.

The more problems you practice, the more knowledge you get from the app, the words that you find challenging to find and the questions that it formulates is appropriate.

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