10 best horror video games

By | March 14, 2021

Who hasn’t switched off the lamps, placed on their torches, and been lost in a nice horror story? Japanese horror video games are still a fun way to spend time with family or by you. What sticks out the most for them is their strong concentration on psychological issues, compared to their western peers, who focus more on gore and easy fright.

With games like Silent Hill and The Evil Inside on the line-up, you’ll want to bring a pal because these Japanese games are too frightening to play alone!

Whether it’s RPGs, action games, or even movies, the Japanese have a unique approach to everything. It’s the difficult-to-describe distinctions that make them distinctive and unique.

The distinctness is ever more present in the horror genre, whether on film or in gaming. With their first Resident Evil, Japanese developer Capcom coined the word “survival horror” as a sub-genre, which was influenced by the 1989 Japanese horror game Happy Home and Alone in the Dark.

Today at Honey’s Anime, we’re giving you the chance to watch the top ten Horror films, ranging from classics to the most new releases.

Halloween is certainly here and there, but the terrifying feeling, which you feel lingers even after some say. As far as we can recall, it has become the horror genre and is generally seen as one of the most popular genre to be included.

1-Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

You are on a very frightful journey when you are trapped on a boat and just nine hours are left on the bottom of the abyss before the vessel sinks. The story starts with Junpei, who invited him to play a game called the Nonary Game. The people in command of this game call themselves Zero and give their name a natural gas mask. Nine people play the random game in a cruise ship as they have to cross nine doors, attempting to find the exit urgently. If you don’t follow the game’s terms, you risk dying from a small explosive swallowed in this death game.

Nothing is scarcer, if you refuse to comply with the law, rather than the trapping of a submarine or an abandoned ship with a small bomb in your stomach. This game is so fun because it is necessary for you to cleverly solve puzzles when you meet the other 8 travelers, so everyone sticks to your dear life.

Nine-Hours-Nine-Persons-Nine-Doors.jpgIt is important to consider and pay careful attention to the directions of the heavy-game dialogue, and you need to finish the game many times to get the true finish, with a total of 6. It’s frightening enough to remember that you have to finish the match 6 times.

2-Corpse Party

Actually founded for PC 98 and later on, Corpse Party tells the tale of a group of students stuck inside a haunted primary school, which now jeopardises everybody’s lives in the handling of avenging spirits. These young girls and their professors must now solve puzzles after playing through a practice known as Sachiko Ever After and follow the correct direction, or they may find themselves in a place that they cannot survive.

Nobody wants to be in a sham home, let alone a haunted elementary school that is packed with ghosts and that doesn’t even enjoy seeing you. The game is a throwback because of the visual strength of the game, but the latest update will certainly offer you a unique experience, so you have to select the correct dialogue, or face a dreadful deadness, during the entire game.

Corpse-Party.jpgIt is difficult to focus on a few enemies chastening you into misery, but if you excel (If you succeed), you will find the game very satisfying. However, if you fail, you will be accepted with mad errors.


Nitroplus is not an outsider for the genre of horror, as they produced some of the most famous anime hits such as Steins;Gate and Chaos. Phenomeno follows the adventures of the recent Yamada student in Tokyo, where he finds the right spot for a comparatively low cost. However, what the contract did not that there is a deadly mystery in this house that Yamada is about to explore. When he comes to his knowledge of the torture and the random numbers that are found on the walls, he meets his mate from the mystical website to dive deeper.

Based on Ninomae Hajime’s real novel, Phenomeno takes you on a wild journey every time you play with your psyche. You never know what is going to come up around you, and several hints need to be identified in detail. However, the true beauty of this game are the characters as all the terrible incidents that take place in your home are genuinely understood to be their emotions. The dialogue is sexy while the visual style actually highlights the context of horror. Play the best experience through this game in the evening.

PhenomenoIn our list Nitroplus and 5pb are on a scroll; Chaos; Head is not to surprise anybody. The story is followed by a young student named Takumi, who has been engaged in the gruesome murder case that still persecutes him to this day to face the horrible deceptions in his mind.

4-Chaos; head

Most of what happens in all Chaos; head is what you would imagine from a horror mystery series, a lot of research will take place, and it is up to you to bring together all pieces to screen the deal. Despite the continuous pattern to plot and gameplay, the game’s unusual psychotic trigger scheme creates a fascinating experience.

Not selecting one will usually just play the scene, but unconsciously choosing can lead to very awful images that would definitely make you feel twisted. One of the best horror games for the portable market there.chaos-head.jpg

5-Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward

You probably find Zero Escape: The last Virtue Rewards is as satisfying if you have enjoyed 999, really. The same principle applies to Sigma who is among the 8 more random people who are all forced to take part in the Nonary Game: Ambidex Edition. This story takes the same premise in previous Title, which focuses on death games. The aim of this game is to collect enough bracelet points so that you can open the door with number 9, so you either have to pair up or betray them and take their points off. When you disobey the rules or when your BP has run out, it’s over.

With 24 ends to get you through, Zero Escape sounds like no escape when you have to engage in a dialogue to find clues, while discovering daunting challenges that can end up giving you an awful end if you aren’t smart. Similarly, you’re going to have to finish the game multiple times to find out the real conclusion, but thankfully the game offers the ability to skip tracks.


Are you going to escape with your head unmoved from this terrible game or become a survivor in the death game?

6-Parasite Eve II

The film-based RPG experience of Parasite Eve was well known. This time around, the number two is filled with several improvements to its play to build a different flow. The story starts from the original on Aya’s quest to further explore the mystery behind mitochondrial growth.

And when is the Parasite Eve so horrific? Many explanations, one is that if we don’t care, a lot of what happens in this game will happen in real life. Although the game is, of course, imaginary, it’s the idea that makes you really doubt our reality and tie it in to the horrible-looking monsters you encounter in this game and get a title of horror for yourself.


Most of the game plays more like an action-style game than its precursor, but it doesn’t take away of the worries that you have when you turn around, only to meet a hideous monster that tries to eat you lunch.

7-Project Zero 2: Wii Version

Project Zero 2: Wii Version is the remanufacture of the famous Fatal Frame II: Butterfly from Crimson, which has additional functionality not included in the original. Project Zero 2 could be the perfect way to experience the original Crimson Butterfly that was first begun on the PS2 in 2003, with advantages for having you going back for more.

It integrated an outstanding story following two twins who unveiled the reality of a desert village known for its gruesome rituals, making Crimson Butterfly a staple of horror to many hardcore horror fans. Both get stuck in it and you have to get it out now. The atmosphere at the game is enough to freak anyone, to relentlessly taunt you with the mourning of fallen souls and surprise you with the random events.


It’s dim, it’s brutal and trying to fiddle to kill the dreams with your camera always has your heart overdriven and the game is often down.

8-Resident Evil

Resident Evil is the quiet essential title of the horror of survival and we couldn’t place it on our list. Whilst it may not be strongly “anime,” Resident Evil 4 is definitely one of the best RE titles yet released, as it has such an internal plot that any man from his pants will be scared. As Leon Kennedy heads to Spain to discover some strange occurrences in a remote village and to save the abducted daughter of the leader.

Resident Evil 4 presented some very creative features which have never been seen in previous games, for example, that it was possible to press timed buttons in order to prevent zombie attacks, but what really sold this game was how awful the city was. You never understood what was happening to the villagers, and often you were challenged by talking in ancient Latin.


Everywhere you turn, you are awaited by surprises and, with scarce supplies, the fear meter only skyscrapers beyond understanding lead you through this hell hole. This is the RE title everyone can play, regardless.

9-Clock Tower 3

Clock Tower 3 is a simulation horror that was issued for the PlayStation 2 in 2003. About the fact that the Clock Tower series is one of the most important horror series in the 1990s, Resident Evil and Silent Hill received no attention.

While the third entry was still not a trade hit, it is celebrated as the finest and most frightening of the series. Provided that the game is short relative to its competitors, the control strategy is proposed the same tank controls which the genre at the time is associated with. The suspense never stops, though, and narration does not add up.Clock-Tower-3.jpg

10-Blood Curse

Blood Curse was a first venture with episodic game material which was so well executed by the way the game’s plot was played out in a TV show format. The player is placed in diverse yet interwoven situations in the shoes of various protagonists. Each one is packed with a cramping fear of not understanding what is in the next corner which makes the unbelievable art and design of the game even more interesting.Blood-Curse.jpg

Final Words

The genre of horror slowly reappears in business with new titles like Biohazard 7 and classics like Clock Hill, Siren and Clock Tower, which are coming out next year. It was very difficult to place everyone on the list with so many people could choose from, so maybe you can help us to share your favourite anime horror title and maybe we’re going to throw it with our next top ten terror game list! Also, please keep us up to date on Twitter and share our posts in order to keep the group alive.

As always, please keep the body locked here at Honey’s Anime, if you want to know all the new bumps from the bees’ nest in Japan.

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