How to enable whatsapp messages disappear

By | April 14, 2021

Do you want to turn your WhatsApp into a Snapchat? After one week, the hugely successful instant messaging app now has a feature that instantly deletes messages for all chat members. This gives you (slightly) more privacy access, as well as the option to erase older messages and keep your chat threads from being too lengthy.

If you use WhatsApp as your main means of communicating with family and friends, you’ve already sent and received a large number of messages by now. Throughout it all, each message will be stored not just on your mobile, but also on the receiving party’s (y/ies) smartphones, as well as your WhatsApp backup file.

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This takes up valuable computing space, whether on the cloud or on our computers, and can be avoided by the use of a self-destruct feature. This feature was launched late last year (2020), and it deletes WhatsApp messages from all of the devices involved after seven days. The lost messages would be transferred over to the backup because WhatsApp keeps overwriting the backup with its new update.

How to enable self-destructing messages in WhatsApp

This functionality is only included in the direct message chat settings. As of March 2021, it cannot be activated in groups. There is an alternative for “disappearing texts” (On/Off) that you can turn there. If you’re still having trouble finding the setting, follow the steps outlined in the screenshots below:


• Open a direct message in WhatsApp.

• Press on your chat partner’s name at the top of the phone to access the settings.

• Scroll down and pick “Disappearing posts”.

Select the “On” radio button to enable the feature.
When you enable it, WhatsApp will inform you that the recipient will still be able to save your messages elsewhere. Apart from that, the inability to mark specific messages for deletion is a minor annoyance. If this option is selected, all messages will be deleted afterward.

If you don’t like this WhatsApp feature, you can look into other options by visiting this website, which includes a number of guides and posts.

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