how to hide whatsapp online status while chatting

By | April 8, 2021


Have you ever missed a WhatsApp message to avoid your friends seeing you online and asking for signs of life? A contact who is waiting for your answer to a message they sent a few hours ago, but you aren’t going to respond because you don’t want to start a long conversation? There is a way (in truth, many ways) to avoid situations like this. So You will learn a few tricks in this article that will enable you to respond to a WhatsApp message without appearing online.

Reply from a notification

If you have an Android Nougat or higher smartphone, the simplest way to remain ‘offline’ but still respond to a message without appearing online is to react to a conversation directly from the notification dropdown. To do so, open the drop-down menu and select the ‘Reply’ option to send a message without opening WhatsApp.

If you own an Android Wear smart watch, you can respond to WhatsApp messages directly from the watch while remaining anonymous online.

Answer while offline

• Turn off all internet connections (Wi-Fi and mobile network) on your smartphone.

• Launch WhatsApp and then navigate to the message to which you want to respond.

• Compose and send your response.

• Exit WhatsApp.

• Re-establish your link to the internet (reactivate Wi-Fi or mobile network connection).

• WhatsApp will send the message even if you are not online.

• Unseen will read a WhatsApp message in Incognito mode.

Unseen is a free app that allows you to read WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, and Facebook Messenger messages without being seen online. This trick will not allow you to respond to messages while offline, but will only allow you to read received messages without being noticed by anyone. You can then take your time responding.

Read a WhatsApp message in Incognito mode

When you get a message from one of your messaging apps, you’ll see an Unseen warning that you can customize with various colors. Then You can read the message by clicking on the WhatsApp tab, and your friend will only know you read it when you press Reply in WhatsApp. After it You’ll then be guided to the WhatsApp app, where you’ll be available once more. Aside from that, the software does not always function well for parties.

If your friends have Unseen, realize that even if you don’t receive a response, your messages have most likely been read.

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