How to Find genuine MagSafe charger using trick

By | April 4, 2021

It’s very likely that, like almost any other Apple accessory, you’ll find a fake or first copy edition of the newly released MagSafe charger. So, if you’re unsure if the one you purchased from a random store or online retail store is real or not, this is the place to go. Here’s a quick reference guide for you.


Fake Apple accessories are very popular in the marketplace. The majority of them seem so real that it’s almost impossible to say whether they’re genuine or not. At least for MagSafe chargers, Apple has made it easier to recognise them.

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Here’s how to check where your MagSafe Charger is genuine



  1. To begin, plug in your MagSafe Charge to your iPhone 12 smartphone.


  1. Next, go to the Settings app.


  1. Choose General and then About.


  1. Locate the Apple MagSafe Charger option by scrolling down.


  1. Select this choice to see the model number, serial number, firmware details, and other information about your charger.


Compare these specifications to the information on the back of your MagSafe charger’s box. If they’re the same, the charger is genuine. Furthermore, in the case of the fake MagSafe charger, Apple will not disclose any details.

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