how to use youtube video clipping

By | April 8, 2021

YouTube recently launched a new product named “YouTube Clips.” Many of you who are familiar with the streaming site Twitch will note that the new functionality is somewhat close to what Twitch provides to its customers. You may make short clips from a recording or a live stream and post them on social media using ‘Clips.’

You can pick an extract from a video (between five seconds and one minute long), give it a title, and share it with a specially created link using YouTube Clips. You may also use them to create posts.


This is now only available to a few content owners on a few platforms. Furthermore, it is currently only available on the YouTube desktop and Android apps. On iOS computers, the feature has yet to be announced.



How do you make your own YouTube video?


And though the functionality is still being tested, you should check it out right now. We’ll walk you through the process.


1. First, go to YouTube and select a suitable video to watch. The new Clip icon can be found below the video, between the thumbs for ranking and the “Share” button. A corresponding area will appear if you click on “Clips.”


2. Now you can use the slider to find the exact clip you like. It must last at least five seconds and no more than 60 seconds. You may also type in the desired time above the slider.


3. First, come up with a title for the video that is up to 140 characters long.


That’s pretty much it; the rest is just like posting a regular YouTube video. So you click “Share,” and you’re given the option to share the video via social media, email, embedding, or sharing the connection.


The audience will, of course, go straight to the full video from this clip. The produced clips would appear in a new “Clips” tab in the YouTube toolbar, where you can view them at any time and share them again. However, once the source video is removed, the associated clips will be removed as well.


YouTube is still testing this functionality, and it has yet to be rolled out to iOS, as previously said. Personally, I’m really excited about this feature, and I’m glad that YouTube is finally catching up to TikTok and Twitch.

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