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By | March 7, 2021

Action games are made of suspense, passion, and nearly always promise a satisfactory story to go along with all the entertainment. In order to build combinations such as action fantasy, action rpg and so on, action games may also come in the form of other styles and mix them altogether. Whatever your choice, no doubt your context, the action anime game genre is likely to appeal to just about everyone.

So if you enjoy playing a little gun, flying across the cosmos to overthrow an oppressive regime, or maybe you enjoy chasing down a herd of feral monsters, you’re sure to like the action anime genre.

1-MegaTagmension Blanc & Neptune VS Zombies

MegaTagmension Blanc And Neptune Against Zombies also retains much of the theme of the Hyperdimension Neptunia game you enjoyed, yet converts it into a game that is more execution than other games. It also includes a new main character called Blanc, and his famous light novels encompass most of the plot. The plot takes place in a separate world from Neptune, and explores a group of young CPU girls as they discover more about the human species. They unintentionally summon zombies into their own universe when they aim to establish a zombie movie and must fight them off to defend their world from an already decreasing population.Epic-Conquest-2-1.jpg

2-Grand Alliance

Grand Alliance is a handheld RPG in the anime style that occurs on the verge of battle in an imaginary world. The Royal family was killed and the Alcyon Realm was conquered by a dictator, gives way to internal conflicts between five great families. Join Amelia, the last living successor to the crown, as she seeks to pull a world broken apart by war and conflict back together. Move around the globe in search of new partners, discover global secrets, and pull the country back under your flag.

In a squad-based RPG, you control a team of three warriors to conquer obstacles and fights in actual action battle. With a range of strong weapons, customise your warriors and combine your play modes with customizable abilities that you gather during the game.Grand-Alliance

3-Tales of Berseria

Tales of Berseria is a third-person role playing video game in which players explore the game’s environment through the game’s heroes.  The Heroes can communicate by Skits, animation clips that run outside of cut scenes and combat, as in preceding Tales games characters are portrayed by images of neck and body, and interactions can range from intense to humorous. A cut-in impact is new to the series’ Skit structures, where players in different poses arise in answer to the conversation at various points throughout the skit.Tales-of-Berseria

4-Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War

Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War is an officially licensed 3D action RPG from Studio Pierrot, an animation studio which, among others, produces greater standard anime including Yu Yu Hakusho, Beelzebub, Bleach, Naruto and Great Teacher Onizuka. In fact, this game focuses on the manga of the same name.

The Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War gaming is very straight forward. You can monitor the action of your player with the simulated joystick on the left, easily navigating the scenarios; and you can perform all types of attacks with the buttons on the right. You will enable the automatic mode after you’ve finished the first part of the game.

You will hire new roles in between scenes to upgrade the tools. You won’t have much in the start, but you will collect lots of weapons, gadgets, and armour bit by bit to boost the attributes of your players. You will employ over a dozens well-known manga characters in all.Tokyo-Ghoul-Dark-War

Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War is an impressive adventure game with position features, with an impressive world, a compelling plot mode, and stunning visuals. It’s an awesome game that everyone would love to play, but manga fans are going to love it much more.

5-Crossing Void

Crossing Void is a fighting 2D RPG game that places you in charge of some of the most popular characters from Dengeki Bunko Publishing. That’s correct, we’re thinking about the Japanese short novel author, which has published many diverse genres of publications.

Crossing Void is a framework for gaming dependent on turns. At the bottom of the screen, the virtual controls are found. These functions allow you to carry out the various abilities and attacks of your character. In this category, you can recover, use skills to help, attack various locations, and use other common tools. It’s your rival’s turn until you’ve expended your acts. Whoever first kills the enemy wins.crossing-void-globa.jpg

Crossing Gap is based on the normal Gacha scheme in which, based on Dengeki Bunko’s novels, you can activate over 40 different roles. The 2D graphics are basically an immersive anime with amazing sprites, ensuring that going along in the story mode (and other game modes) is sufficient for new environments and characters to be encountered in action.

Crossing Void reaches out due to its graphics, while there are already a lot of games with anime esthetics (both in animation and character design). Plus, professional Japanese seiyuus provide the voice work. You will definitely feel absorbed in this Asian immersive illustration work.

6-Kawaii Legend: Conquest of Magic

The Kawai Anime Game is the new 2020 action RPG game in which you’ll play the part of a high school girl from Japan. Be a super girl and demonstrate the fighting abilities you’ve mastered to beat zombies and demons in the School of Sorcery. The new D&D type RPG action game that gives you all the fun of anime ninja sword combat and offline anime gaming for girls is the Kawai anime fighting game. There’s anarchy in the world and high school girls are in danger. In fantasy JRPG, Super Hero Anime Girl steps out to fight the evil and save the city. That’s a time for legends, a time of brawls and defeats.

In fully accessible JRPG play, only the actual anime master chef can face the brutality and save the survivors crying in the shadows. Discover the ultimate arcade war clash in this 2020 D&D style RPG anime fighting game.Kawaii-Legend-Conquest-of-Magic.jpg

Be a senpai for high schoolers, for which all anime stars, including tsundere, kuudere, yandere, and several mega street anime warriors, are available. The anime mystical game in which you can suit up your favorite anime character in anime ninja warrior outfits is the Kawaii legend anime chronicle. On the quest to kill her wicked sister, combat against epic boss and dungeon crawler, the superhero anime ninja warrior is already on.

7-Grand Summoners

The millennia of harmony of mankind was torn from the seams as exiled devils return to.Destroy the Raktehelm Realm.Again with, the moment has arrived for iconic superheroes to face up to a mysterious challenge and restore order.

Characters Add life to the tale.Summon historic heroes and start on a fantastic journey.Boost the characters and put back with RPG style tactics.To save the realm from evil ruin, build the supreme squad.In monumental partnerships, team up with anime icons!Grand-Summoners.jpg

8-Light In Chaos: Sangoku

Release your love for games, love your Japanese manga type gameplay, seeking the glow with Legends in the Time of Kingdoms in turmoil! In this Arcade Fantasy Fighting RPG title, be the hero to defend everything you love and the seeker of fame.

The planet is in trouble and people are being set on fire. Fearless Kingdom Warriors move out to combat cruelty and establish justice. It’s a famous moment, a time of defeat and war. Only the real fighters on the border will face the brutality and save the hostages crying in blackness. Enjoy an unimaginable arcade battle fight!Light-In-Chaos-Sangoku.jpg

9- Sword Fantasy Online

Sword Fantasy Online-Anime MMO Action RPG-MMORPG for Android smartphones where the dark powers must be confronted. To overcome the most potent forces of darkness, assemble a squad of determined, powerful and brave heroes. Go visit various areas, caves, where on the way you can encounter deadly creatures, the toughest foes, as well as strong leaders.

Wander the enchanted realm, fight the evil powers, and participate in fights with numerous creatures and even fire-breathing dragons that populate these territories. After the fight, gather loot, turn your warriors openly, buy new weapons for them and shields. Enter tribes and cooperate with other teams, engage in the Common Chat.Sword-Fantasy-Online.jpg

10-Epic Conquest 2

If you’re a Free – to – play Games addict, then you’ve wanted to check Epic Conquest 2. Epic Conquest 2 is a classic Single-Player Action/Adventure RPG with a distinctive fighting and story touch that makes it stand out in this genre, among many others. The game is a successor to Epic Conquest by Gaco Games, an independent studio that has raised over a million Play Store downloads. Initially launched for Windows, Epic Conquest 2 then made its way to cell phones. And now, as you launch your path, let us have a look at the Epic Conquest 2 Beginners Guide.Epic-Conquest-2.jpg


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