Top 10 Anime Love Story Games For Android

By | March 12, 2021

Are you looking for love games based on anime dating graphic novels? We’ve been discussing mobile romance games for quite a while now, and today we’re wanted to reveal a list of the best romance games around.

These games are appropriate for both girls and boys who enjoy dating simulation games. You read visual novel stories about adorable anime and teen characters and watch them fall in love, connect, and do anything else that interests you. So, without further ado, let’s discover the best offline anime love story titles.

1-Midnight Cinderella

A different game from Cybird is completing the list. Cinderella Midnight explores the story of a man who unexpectedly became the princess of a fictitious country called Wysteria.

The player must adapt to his new life as a prince as he learns to rule the world.

In addition, they face another threat. A prince must be found next to them who will rule the world.

While this challenge will be overwhelming, nine Prince Candidates are introduced, and you have to select from to rule beside you. You can choose only one of them, so choose them carefully.Midnight-Cinderella

Immerse yourself in a fantastic world of wagons, darts, and robes as you are looking for a happier ending.

2-If My Heart Had Wings

We have If My Heart Had Wings, closing our list of the best romantic games for Android and iPhones.

Aoi Minas’s story, a child dreaming of becoming a sprinter but seeing his hopes disappearing after an injury, is also used in the Japanese cartoon theme.

Upon encountering the wheelchair-bound Kotori Habana, they join together to resurrect their defunct high school hang gliding club. However, the plot is not connected to it.


As Aoi, you greet and can talk to several other characters.


3-Is It Love? Drogo .

Is It Love? Was produced by 1492 Studio. Series in which players take on the role of the lead character in their love plot.

Each game based on a different love interest, and Is It, Love? It has to be one of the most famous stories in the series. Vampire Drogo.

Players have placed as the pair for the youngest of the Bartholy, Drogo’s younger sibling, the opportunity to play out their Vampire Diaries and Twilight dreams.


It’s completely free to play, with the option of purchasing extra point’s in-game.

4-Love Tangle  Shall We Date.

NTT Solmare’s Love Tangle – Shall We Date is one of their many titles.Love Tangle places players in the protagonist’s shoes, a renowned physicist and scholar who moves into a celebrity flat.

It fits the standard mechanics of most “otome games” (Japanese games aimed at women) for the most part, but Love Tangle stands out because players get to love two characters simultaneously in each route, as they’re trapped in a fierce love triangle.Love-Tangle-Shall-we-date

5-Mystic Messenger

In 2016, a Korean mobile romance game called Mystic Messenger was released. Plays assume the main character’s role, who discovers an app that allows them to communicate with members of a community known as the RFA.


Players communicate with the characters in real-time through chats, emails, and phone calls (all of which are wholly voiced in Korean).

Players in various time zones can find it challenging to keep up with chatrooms and phone calls because they operate on Korean Standard Time.Mystic-Messenger

However, hourglasses bought in-game can be used to unlock lost chats.

6-Lovestruck Choose Your Romance

Players will currently play through 13 episodes in Lovestruck and two short stories known as “Lovestruck shorts.”

Lovestruck is one of the most diverse mobile romance/dating games available today, with many original characters. There are no multiple ends for the player routes in Lovestruck, unlike many other games in the genre.


There don’t seem to be any “chemistry checkpoints” that change the ending a player gets, which would cater to those looking for a straightforward and easy romantic plot.

7-A Mystic Romance: The Arcana

The Arcana is an excellent choice for a magical and mysterious romance game. In the fantasy world of Versuvia, players assume the role of a wizard.

They find themselves researching the suspicious events involving Versuvia’s count’s death, using their Arcana talents to uncover the facts. Based on the 22 Major Arcana of a tarot deck, there are six routes available, each with 22 books.


Players can use coins to unlock unique scenes, but this is entirely optional and has no bearing on the story’s result.


Eldarya is a fascinating, entertaining and all-around love-style novel. You are the only one that can decide on the storyline and the actions of the characters. Link the name to another name to view the interaction.


In the gaming world, something can happen, so be willing to be shocked and have fun with it. But keep in mind that the outcome of the plot is solely determined by your choices.Eldarya

Even an infant can work out how to use the buttons.

9-My Candy Love

In the My Candy Love game, build your own particular love story. The game scenario is founded entirely on your choices. Meet, speak with, and seduce various characters. Reciprocal thoughts aren’t easy to bring in, so you’re going to need to try and the conversation.


Read them closely and note that they are the basis for the creation of the storyline. You can pick your favourite character or even the zodiac sign. Based on the needs, the outfit can be updated at any time. Enjoy several episodes and endings.

10-Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice

Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice is a popular romance video game in which you take on the role of a television producer who falls in love with four separate men. You will speak with them and get calls to them in Japanese or the English language from your love interests.

There are several parts in the game and unexpected surprises for those who keep playing and advancing through the adventure.Mr-Love-Queen-Choice

The developers of the game have mentioned famous voice actors to bring to life their beautiful paramours, so it be no surprise to hear that someone looks familiar.


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