Top 10 Real Time Voice changer android Apps

By | March 28, 2021

Suitable voice changer applications are hard to come by. The irony is that the mobile is an ideal platform for producing and preserving such audio, but the target audience is admittedly limited. This is a daunting subject to investigate. There are a few open-source voice changer engines out there, and the vast majority of Android voice changer applications use the same one, so they all do the same thing. However, some developers have developed some excellent applications that allow you to alter your voice in several ways. Here are the perfect Android voice changer games!

Apps that change your voice are a perfect way to have some fun or to stay anonymous. You may use these applications to add different effects and alter your voice’s gender and age. During calls and when using messengers, several of these apps allow you to change your voice.

The best voice changer apps are included in this list. You will modify your speech to the extent of becoming unrecognisable by using them.

1-AndroidRock’s Voice Changer

AndroidRock’s Voice Changer is a better-than-average voice changer app. There are hundreds of effects assisted, including bee, older man, martian, fan, hoarse, intoxicated, submerged, and several more. It functions similarly to the majority of voice changer games.

You take a recording of a voice and add a filter to it. You may also use the software to add filters to previously captured audio files. It performs as well as one would imagine. There are no in-app transactions in this one. However, there are several advertisements.AndroidRock-Voice-Changer

2-Baviux Voice Changer

Baviux Voice Changer is one of Android’s most common pure voice changer applications. There are approximately forty effects in all and a primary user interface, and several other options. You have full control of how audio is recorded and how to add products. After that, you can email it to anybody (as long as the software accepts audio files), set it as a ringtone or warning tone, and save it.

If you want to change what you already have, you can even import audio files. The paid edition of the app costs $2.99, so it’s free if you have Google Play Pass.

3-Snapchat And TikTok

Snapchat is, without a doubt, the most commonly used voice changer software. It primarily functions as an image messaging app. It does, though, come with several filters. It can alter your looks, speech, and even your surroundings. Snapchat Memories are also included.

This helps you to save snaps rather than lose them permanently. Instead of doing one-off videos for your fans and colleagues, you should film yourself making goofy sounds in strange voices. TikTok (Google Play link) works in a similar manner, with voice filters and modulation.Snapchat-and-TikTok

You can use it to make a TikTok film, upload it to the service, or keep it to yourself. Both options are absolutely open.

4-Voice Changer by Handy Tools Studio

This software for changing your speech isn’t half bad. It contains a variety of good, albeit simplistic, voice effects, such as old man, robot, alien, bee, and chipmunk (think Alvin and the Chipmunks). It operates similarly to the number of those. You record your voice, apply the influence, and enjoy yourself.

It also has some less silly effects, such as a karaoke reverb setting to give your singing voice a touch of echo. The software is completely free, but the advertisements are a little distracting. We wish there was a fine, inexpensive premium edition that could get rid of them.Voice-Changer-by-Handy -Tools-Studio

5-Voicemod Clips

Voicemod Clips is a free software that lets you change your voice and make videos. This is a convenient choice since you can record either audio or audio with video. That video can be seen almost everywhere. It’s mainly for Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok, but you know what you’re getting yourself into before you download it.

For your pleasure, the software has some decent voice modulation as well as a few separate filters. This is unquestionably superior to the majority of voice changer apps.Voicemod-Clips


RoboVox is an outstanding voice changer that helps you to change your voice in real time.The recording’s final outcome can be stored in your phone’s memory. The user interface of the utility is well-designed.

There will be no issues with the basic procedure. The programme has a built-in range of options for changing the voice sound.There is a unique discussion feature. Aside from that, there are collections of female and male voices, as well as celebrity voices.RoboVox

RoboVox is a voice recording tool that comes with a lot of filters and effects. It helps you to equate your own voice to that of others.

7-Call voice changer

The Call voice changer software is a useful tool for changing your voice easily. Audio logging and a plethora of special effects are just a few of the benefits.

The programme can also be used to incorporate a range of sounds. You will incorporate sounds like extraneous laughing and other sounds into your voice as you change it in real time.The application includes software for making calls that alter the voice beyond recognition.

It would be possible to converse with comrades not only in a male or female accent, but also in a voice that has been remodelled in your own direction.Call-voice-changer

However, it can also be heard in the horrific voice of a robot or in the entertaining barking of a puppy. For practical jokes, this voice correction programme is ideal.

8-Voice Changer with Effects

The Voice Changer with Effects app could prove to be extremely useful. When speaking with others, make a variety of modifications to your voice. The software has a user-friendly gui and the ability to modify hotkeys.

Everything you have to do is set the parameters in the settings. You can choose which voice changes you want to make here.

Noise reduction is an essential feature of the programme Voice changer with consequences. Use this tool to make your recording look cleaner.Voice-changer-with-effects

You can make voice changes when filming. For example, you can transform your voice into a child’s voice at the start and an adult’s voice at the end of the video.

9-Call Voice Changer Male to Female

The Call Voice Changer Male to Female software will assist you in communicating in an odd voice. The programme is a versatile software package that runs on all platforms.

During contact, this app will blur the sound and capture the conversation. The options are limitless.

The number of effects that may be used to transform your speech in an unrecognisable way is almost limitless. This is because you can produce new effects on your own. You may do this by adjusting various parameters and placing checkmarks at various stages.Call-Voice-Changer-Male-to-Female

Call Voice Changer Male to Female is a programme with a number of features. You may alter the pitch, sound, frequency, and pace of your voice with them.

10-Funcalls – Best Voice Changer

Funcalls – Best Voice Changer & Call Recording is a free voice changer built for instant messaging users.

It has the ability to adjust the quality of its owner’s speech on the microphone. All can appreciate an application interface that is simple and intuitive.

This application contains a variety of blanks for different forms of congratulations, competitions, and other events. The provision of voice translations would be a helpful choice.


When interacting with friends or business partners, such a feature will come in handy. It would be best if you spoke in your native tongue, and the app can translate it for you.

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