Top 5 Mobile Apps For Caregiver Stress Relief

By | April 14, 2021

We aren’t born with the skills to deal with the difficult circumstances and feelings that come with caring for an elderly person.

Daily struggles combined with strong emotions such as frustration, disappointment, resentment, or depression increase stress levels and negatively impact overall health.


Supportive smartphone applications are a pleasant way to relieve caregiver tension quickly. They’re still nearby and can be used at any time of day.


From a large list of mental health tools at Greatist, we selected the top 5 mobile apps that help caregivers relieve stress, manage anger, and reduce anxiety.


What’s the best part? They’re all completely free.


1. Breathe2Relax

Stress can be reduced by practicing focused breathing. This app was created by the Department of Defense to assist returning veterans. It teaches users how to breathe diaphragmatically.


Customizable directed breathing sessions, instructional videos on the stress response, and stress logs are among the features. (IOS and Android; free)




2. Happify

Do you want to get rid of negative feelings, anxiety, and stress? Happify is a handy shortcut to a good mood thanks to its variety of fun games, activity recommendations, and appreciation prompts.


Happify’s optimistic mood-training software is psychologist certified and was created with feedback from 18 health and happiness experts. Its website also includes access to bonus videos that will make you laugh. (IOS and Android; free)




3. SAM (Self-help for Anxiety Management)


How can you figure out what’s driving you off the edge and how to get back on track?


To keep stress at bay, SAM monitors anxious thoughts, tracks actions over time, and uses directed self-help exercises. You may also speak to an online group in confidence for additional help. (IOS and Android; free)




4. Companion


It is beneficial to one’s well-being to release negative emotions, practice calming strategies, and engage in mindful awareness.


This app assists you in doing so by leading you through tried-and-true strategies for reducing negative thoughts and feelings while also assisting you in developing a more present attitude. (IOS and Android; free)




5. Depression CBT Self-Help Guide


Do you need any assistance with your blues? This app includes directed calming exercises as well as methods to combat suicidal thinking, monitors mood swings, and provides information on clinical depression and treatment options. (Android; free)



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