Top 7 Free Online Mystery Games For PC

By | March 7, 2021

Annoy your brain with mysterious questions in these online mystery games, completely without solutions. In this genre of head-scratchers, the narrative and environment are lifted to a high degree. Who has done that? Is it divine or a simple murder of humans? These are among the questions in these games you’ll be telling yourself—support for any personal investigative work or puzzle-busting deductions to settle criminal analysis or family succession conflicts. You can also pose as Baker Street’s great detective, Sherlock Holmes himself. Edgy and elegant, lush drawings or photo-realistic machine art might be the visuals.

A (potentially) murder mystery, a museum, a car park, a high school, Amsterdam’s capital, or a dream world maybe the setting. You may even have to flee from a secret, mysterious area! Find the puzzle that mystifies you and save it if you want to give it back again in your favourite sports. Then return to this site to solve the next mystery: what new games we’re going to be bringing next!

1-Mystery Castle: The Mirror’s Secret Platinum Edition

Groth, the Spirit Reaver stole your daughter. To succeed triumphantly in this war, you have to add all your ability. Can you connect the so-called Mystical Fortress’s smart barriers, resolve the sinister sorcery of Groth, free the trapped spirits, and emerge triumphant over the dark doers? Find the solution in the Castle of Mystery: The Secret of the Mirror. Several distinctive, vibrant figures tell the story.A thrilling world, lively and risky. Exciting suspense. Strange puzzles and creative ones. Entirely accurate photos and file size is 510 MB.Mystery-Castle-The-Mirror_s-Secret-Platinum-Edition

2-Brink of Consciousness: The lonely Hearts Murders

How much further will you go to ensure the safety of your only daughter life? Is there a restriction there? Unrivalled the mystery avoid the Lonely Hearts Murderers’ whirlwind of criminality, the enigmatic man tortures and kills citizens who have suffered a misplaced affection. This late 19th-century British city has also been crippled by the demented mind and must be put on trial!

Splendid visuals and fantastic video clips. Different modes of complexity. The thrilling storyline with stunning Victorian homes. And Olivia’s Save from the Killer. Various tricky puzzles and mini-games.Brink-of-Consciousness-The-lonely-Hearts-Murders

3-Sea Legends: Phantasmal Light

Much appreciate to Sea Legends: Update of Phantasmal Light on Gamezebo. Sea Legends: Phantasmal Light is a Computer Prevent The problem game developed by Shaman Games. This inspection includes tips and techniques, useful suggestions, and a Sea Legends: Phantasmal Light technique guide on how to finish.

In Standard or Professional Mode, you can select to play this game. Refill faster and successful areas are not shown with sparkles in Professional Mode Hint and Skip buttons

You can adjust the level of different sound styles in the Settings menu and select to play with a customized cursor or in full-screen or window view.sea-legends-phantasmal-light

4-Amulet of Dreams

Support Aiden rescue the life of Alison in the Amulet Of Dreams! Quickly, Alison has a condition that leaves her worse, day after day. In return to save Alison, Amulet Of Dreams is a magical hidden object game where you will have to solve many puzzles. Seven special positions and over 40 scenes to beat. Lovingly rendered graphics and unique soundtrack carry you to the boundaries of reality.

The unexpected illness of Alison was a surprise to all. As she crumbled with each moving day, the doctors were shocked by the girl’s state. No one ever realized that a key was kept by Alison that might potentially save her. Just one guy, her close friend Aiden, had the chance to share her truth with her—that she was the Queen of the Mystical World in need of assistance. It is up to the brave boy now to fight evil and save the soul of Alison.amulet_of_dreams

5-Inbetween Land Walkthrough

At Inbetween Land, explore the realm of adventure! You start looking for answers when your close friend, Mary, goes missing for a few days. You come across an unusual object that opens a gateway to a flying planet, an alien-human civilization lost homeland. You will discover an alien land with indefinable mysteries when you search for Mary on the beach. In this awesome Mystery game, locate and support your friend to escape the flying island!

An online mystery fantasy puzzle game developed by Specialbit Studios is Inbetween Land. To move in the game, you can travel from place to place to overcome scattered hidden object searches, mini-puzzles and collect objects to use. The strategic guide from Gamezebo will give you detailed photos, tips, facts, and suggestions on playing your best game.Inbetween-Land-Walkthrough

6-Return of the Obra Dinn

The game is based on 1807, with the players accepting the role of the East India Company’s insurance investigator. With no one surviving on board, the Obra Dinn, a cargo ship lost for five years, has popped up off the shore of England The player is sent to the wrecked ship to carry out an examination, recreate the journey’s activities, and assess the ultimate fate of all sixty creatures onboard, a cause of death for the dead or a possible specific position for those accused of living. Via the use of the “Memento Mortem”, a pocket watch capable of carrying its owner to the time of death of any found corpse, study is carried out.obra-dinn

7-Golden Trails 2

Fly back to the 18th generation with Golden Trails 2: The Forgotten History, an excellent Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game, to discover the mysteries of days past! After your grandparents are convicted of slavery and sentenced to death, it’s up to you to figure out the facts and save his life. To learn about a long lost legend, discover the ship’s missing logbook and go on the voyage of an entire life.

You jump into the part of Henry, whose grandparents were convicted of going against the Golden Trails’ jewels. He was ordered to a death sentence. You are searching positive and negative for your grandfather’s lost logbook, trying to save your grandfather.Golden-Trails-2

This is your only possibility of asserting his purity. Go on a journey on four continents and check for the lost logbook entries. Discover horrifying effects and uncover the mystery behind your grandfather’s background. Find out today the real mastermind behind such an allegation.

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