Top10 WW2 Games for Android 2021

By | March 23, 2021

Thousands of World War II games have been released throughout the history of the game industry. Even if we choose the best of them, ignoring the poor and failing projects, we still end up with a list of hundreds of titles.

As a result, we decided to compile a list of the best WW2 games to expand your horizons. There will be new projects on the list as well as classics that should not be overlooked. You can also play multiplayer strategy games if you prefer them.

1-Brothers in Arms 3

In the desperate online battles of World War II, players will face brave troops from all over the world, or, as Sergeant Wright, experience the dramatic adventure of a lifetime starting with the Allied landings in Normandy.

Two modes of multiplayer are offered in Brothers in Arms 3, as well as single player tactics such as squad control and Every Man for Himself. Several third-person shooter features are included in Brothers in Arms 3 such as a shelter system.

The game’s creators have prepared a variety of tasks to keep the player entertained.Brothers-in-Arms-3


2-World War Heroes- WW2 FPS

This is an online shooter in the vein of the Battlefield and Call of Duty series, in which players from all over the world compete in World War II wars online.

Tank fighting, bomb, and defense mode, as well as Hardcore, where you have no right to make a mistake, are all available in World War Heroes, in addition to the infantrymen shootout.

Defeat the enemy army, engage in internet tank battles in Berlin’s center, protect Stalingrad with the Mosin sniper rifle and the legendary PPSh, and win at all costs.

Only your abilities can shape history and lead the Allies to victory.World-War-Heroes-WW2-FPS

The developers promise seven mythical World War II battlegrounds, as well as four kinds of military gear.

3-World War II- TCG

The military theme extends to collectible card games as well.FrozenShard Games’ developers are allowing players to build their army, which will include infantry, tanks, and aviation.

Around 200 different types of maps will expand your fighting options, and PvP battles will allow you to compete with players from all over the world.

The campaigns in this game aren’t overly believable, but they’re still entertaining. The game is supported by World War Heroes via mobile Internet and Wi-Fi.World-War-II-TCG

4-World of Tanks Blitz 3D War

This is one of the coolest smartphone games, and it’s all about tank battles set in World War II.

That honor belongs to World of Tanks Blitz, which is completely deserving of it.The graphics are stunning, and the variety of tanks and maps available will allow you to become a legendary tank battle hero.

This game is meticulously designed by Wargaming down to the tiniest detail, including tank designs and controls. It includes practical physics and the ability to pump both the tank and the crew, making it ideal for mobile tankers.World-of-Tanks-Blitz-3D-War


5-World War 2- WW2 Grand Strategy Games Simulator

This third-person shooter takes place during World War II, shortly after the Allies landed in Normandy.Tactical battles and numerous missions requiring the use of various skills – both sniper and attack – await you.

Unique weapon types, changing weather conditions, visual special effects, realistic scenery.All of this combines to make Fungame Studio’s growth an awesome spectacle worthy of players’ attention.World-at-War-WW2-Strategy-MMO


We will be confronted with historic warfare on European battlefields as well as in Russia.Special operations, large-scale firefights, and the Battles of Stalingrad and Berlin.

This isn’t a complete list of forthcoming military missions.Frontline Commando is a fast-paced action game from Glu Mobile that features a wide variety of weapons, realistic destructible environments, and a ton of content.FRONTLINE-COMMANDO-2

7-Frontline Commando- WW2 Shooter

In this thrilling sequel to Frontline Commando: D-Day, liberate Europe from the Nazis. Assist the Allies in defeating the invading army, secure Stalingrad, and infiltrate Berlin.

Only you have the authority to change the course of history. Battlefields in Belgium, Italy, Germany, Russia, and others will be featured in Frontline Commando: WW2 Shooter.

To win and save Europe, defeat enemy troops, kill snipers, and destroy convoys, armored trucks, and tanks. Screen 1 of Frontline Commando: WW2 Shooter, and Screen 2 of Frontline Commando: WW2 Shooter.Frontline-Commando-WW2-Shooter

Participate in tank warfare, pilot the fabled T-34, and expel the Nazis from Stalingrad.

8-Road to Valor- World War II

This is a World War II-inspired approach. There are valiant infantrymen and a lot of military equipment under your command, all ready for battle.

Deprive your opponents of the opportunity to win by strategically positioning your troops on the battlefield and destroying each and every one of them to bring the war to a close and defeat the enemy.

You gain points for each win. For them, replenish your forces and rise to the top of the battlefield as the greatest general.


The infantry, tanks, and other vehicles in the game, as well as the entourage, are historically accurate.

The players are completely immersed in the chilling atmosphere of the previous century.Road-to-Valor-World-War-II

9-World War 2 Frontline Heroes- WW2 Commando Shooter

Frontline Heroes: WW2 Commando Shooter is a hardcore first-person shooter set during World War II.In online mode, players will compete in seven different modes on various battlefields.

The gameplay focuses on team fighting with arms and equipment from the Soviet Union, the United States, Japan, and Germany.

Many of the mechanics have a realism to them.Weapons, for example, deal the most damage and can neutralize an opponent with only one or two precise hits.


10-World War Polygon: WW2 shooter

Another World War II gunman with vivid polygon graphics is World War Polygon. A single-player mode with epic and tragic events, as well as dynamic multiplayer and daily missions, are all included in the game. Battles against zombies, for example.

The game deftly manipulates the player’s feelings, evoking sorrow with what happens on screen before eliciting laughter with amusing stories. We won’t go into detail because it’s a fantastic Android war game that can also be downloaded for free. As a result, it is preferable to play in person and gain knowledge of other specifics.World War Polygon: WW2 shooter

World at War- WW2 Strategy MMO

This is a fantastic network strategy game set during the same World War II era.Zhukov, Rommel, Patton, and other historical figures appear in the game.You begin as the commander of one of the participating powers in World War II.

You’ll have to build your foundation from the ground up. From the construction of buildings and factories to the development of military machinery and the study and development of new technologies.

Furthermore, you must safeguard the resource base to achieve rapid growth. That means you can’t do it without going on an adventure.World at War- WW2 Strategy MMO

A wide range of missions would hasten not only the growth of the city, but also that of your commander in chief.


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