WhatsApp: How to set up two factor authentication

By | April 8, 2021


WhatsApp is a fantastic and ground-breaking app. It is not surprising that it is popular among users all over the world because it is simple to use, free, and does not contain any ads. It is not only capable of making voice and video calls, but it is also a well-designed chat app. Many people use it on a regular basis and share a lot of personal information, so it is important to keep it safe. In case you didn’t know, WhatsApp has a feature called two-factor authentication that can protect your account from possible fraud and data breaches. This article will teach you how to enable two-factor authentication on WhatsApp.


How to Set up two factor authentication on WhatsApp


On WhatsApp, there is only one method for two-factor authentication, and it is fast and simple. After you log in, the program prompts you to generate a unique PIN code.

Here are the steps to take:

1. Launch the WhatsApp app on your computer.

2. In the upper right corner, press the three dots.

3. Select Settings.

4. Account of the Press

5. Select the Two-Step Verification option.

6. Click the Activate button.

7. Before proceeding, enter your personalized PIN code.

8. Insert your personalized PIN code once more.

9. Click the Confirm button.


10. Before clicking next, enter your email address.

11. Enter your email address again.

12. Click the Save button.

13. Click the Done button.


For more secure conversations

WhatsApp’s imagined two-factor authentication has an odd setup, but like they say, we make do with what we have. What is more critical here is that once two-step authentication is allowed on WhatsApp, the chances of your data being leaked are greatly decreased. Bear in mind that you should choose a password that is simple to remember.

Please let us know if you use WhatsApp on a regular basis and if you have two-factor authentication enabled on your devices.

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